Style is an international group of companies that produces and markets various materials and fabrics for the residential, commercial and hotel markets, as well as blinds, curtains, bed linen, among other products.


The Style group has two companies in Spain, VTX and GVB, the latter owner of the Kalada Contract brand. Style seeks the best technology, materials and systems to put first-class products on the market. This group of companies sells everything from made-to-measure curtains and blinds to motorized solutions for domestic or professional use.


Style covers all aspects of production from raw materials to finished products thanks to a technical team that works to create the perfect solutions, and the use of the best materials and a rigorous quality control process.


Agility, versatility and flexibility are the characteristics of this company which, together with an innovative approach, allow Style Group to make products and components available to its customers in very short terms, all with a “touch of style”, as its slogan “a touch of Style” says.


Style employs over 300 people and has facilities in 4 countries, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania.